Psychologists, Behavioral Health and Primary Care – Oh My!

I’m so glad to hear and read about this effort of contribution between psychology and health care… I have been honored to meet Anne at MedX last year and I’m completely sure her contributions to this topics are very valuables. Congratulations to #HCLDR and #innoPsy. I’ll be waiting to participate with you in the tweetchat.


behaviorchangeBlog post by Colin Hung

One of the best things about social media is meeting people with different perspectives. I am constantly amazed at all the points of view that people “see” problems. Each of us has a unique lens through which we see the world – a lens shaped by training and experience.

Dr Ann Becker-Schutte Dr Ann Becker-Schutte

A few months ago I had the privilege to speak with Dr. Ann Becker-Schutte (a regular contributor to #hcldr, a fellow #TheWalkingGallery member and co-founder of the #InnoPsy tweetchat) and she said something that I found profound:

A lot of what primary care providers struggle with is encouraging patients to adopt new and healthier behaviors. From minor changes like  getting more sleep, losing weight and taking medication as instructed to more complex issues around substance abuse, depression and ADHD – primary care providers see it all. Helping people to make changes and…

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Acerca de copingyourpain

Apasionada de la psicología del deporte y de la educación, creo que el mundo siempre es el lugar ideal sobre todo porque está lleno de personas increíbles que buscan transformarlo todos los días a través de su presencia y el bienestar que pueden brindar a los demás. Me encanta querer, bailar, leer, ejercitarme, estar con las personas que amo..... adoro ver crecer a los demás!
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